Day: December 16, 2017

Decide To Try |

Decide to Try

Decide to try

What does that even mean?

Well, if you never try, then you will never fail.

Okay, how is that a bad thing? never fail?

Well, although you will never fail, you will also never succeed.
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How To Make Personal Growth Your Priority

Focus on your personal development |
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Let me ask you a question. How important is Personal Growth to you? Are you intentional about it? And is it a priority in your life?

There is a saying that if you are not growing, then you are dying. There is no in between. Either there is growth in one or more areas of your life or those areas wither.

Life gets busy I know. Often times it’s easier to go through the motions than to be intentional about anything.

In this post, I am going to get you thinking more about your personal growth journey and how you can prioritize it and be more intentional about it.

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